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Swedish MassageMassage therapy is a popular form of therapy used to encourage healing.  Briefly, it involves the manual manipulation of the body's soft tissues. Through specific techniques, a trained therapist can positively influence circulation and reduce tension and stress stored in bodily tissues.  Swedish massage seems to be the best known, most popular form of massage.  But, short forms of massage, such as chair massages, are also popular.

In general, the profession of massage therapy is highly regulated.  Many states and localities have specific requirements for professional training and practice. The training itself focuses on the procedures and circumstance under which it can be most effective.  People who complete an approved course of training may practice massage therapy in a variety of venues.  Spas, health clubs, hospitals, and private clinics are among the places where practitioners may be found.

While working in a group setting with other, more experienced massage therapists is clearly valuable, many therapists dream of starting their own independent practices.  As in many other professions and businesses, the lure of being one's own boss can be great.   Unfortunately, the business end of massage therapy is not always so straightforward.  Certainly, business success it is not emphasized in most formal courses of study.  To succeed financially, massage therapists must know more than how to ease pain and encourage healing.  At the same time, knowing how to "keep the books" and order supplies is not enough.

The most successful massage therapists seem to have an intuitive grasp of the psychology of people who use their services.  They understand those things that make for customer satisfaction.  They have a knack for turning first time clients into loyal, repeat customers.  That is why it is important for practitioners to seek out others to learn from.  They need learn the the tips and tricks of the trade.  We hope this website can supplement information passed around informally within the community of massage therapists.




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